Tell Me the Story

Tell me the story of...

When working with my clients, the time is filled with stories. My clients are my teachers just as much as I am theirs. Our conversations range from serious to hilarious. Some of my favorites begin when I say, “Tell me the story of…”

Here goes…

First, a little background. Being a purist, my closet is devoted to clothes. Just clean clothes. No shoes, no storage, just clothes. Turns out, I’m pretty rare. People keep all sorts of stuff in their closets, some out of storage necessity and some because where the heck else would is all go? Since the closet is such a personal space, I often find meaningful things as we are removing everything to make the giant clothes mountain.

Recently I came across something completely unexpected. Picture this: a Harkins Theatre cup half full of nuts. A variety of nuts, still in their shells. Not sure what to make of it, I reach for my old standby, “What’s the story of these nuts?”

I received the sweetest answer. “Those are a Czech Christmas tradition.”

It made perfect sense why they were in the closet. They were gifts of an incredibly personal nature. Year by year, a few had been added and it simply became where they lived.

What’s YOUR family Christmas tradition? Tell me your story!