Marie Kondo, my inspiration, teacher and personal life-changer, debuted her Netflix series January 1.

Here’s a little preview. Excited?!? Add it to your Netflix queue.

"...imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy."  -Marie Kondo



Amber Ehrlich, one of 227 internationally Certified KonMari Consultants, will guide and support you step-by-step through the KonMari Method.

For those who:

  • are inspired by Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix

  • prefer to declutter and organize according to the KonMari Method

  • understand through the process only items that spark joy will remain, and a large volume of items may be discarded/donated

  • desire to declutter and organize by category: clothing, books, paper, komono (miscellaneous) and sentimental

  • want to tidy their home once and for all

Single Session (3 hours) - $350

Multiple Sessions (15 hours) - $1500


For those who:

  • appreciate the support of a professional organizer after loss of a loved one (parent, spouse) or after divorce

  • have a clear plan in mind and wish they could clone themselves and get things done three times as fast

  • dream of parking two cars in their garage

Single Session (3 hours) - $350

Multiple Sessions (15 hours) - $1500



Working with Amber is the best decision I’ve made for myself.
— Barbara W., Pebble Creek
Amber was amazing! Got so much done, is very professional and knew what I needed!
— Kathleen O., Peoria
Amber is caring, understanding and extremely efficient. She went above and beyond and I truly appreciate all her help. Organizing is not one of my strong points but with her help (and a great book she loaned me) the task hardly feels daunting anymore.
— Jasmine V., Phoenix
This has been a lifesaver for us. In just our first session, we went from six bookcases to two and we can now see my office. Best money we ever spent to destress and live our lives.
— Judy M., Glendale
Amber was punctual, checked in by email and phone call several times in advance of arrival, was prepared with supplies and a thorough and expeditious plan on how to efficiently proceed. I was so happy with all she accomplished, and she will be returning a number of times to help me with a number of other sorting and organizing projects. She is a very nice person who is trustworthy and really knows her profession. I highly recommend Amber from The Tidy Bungalow!
— Julie B., Scottsdale
It was a pure joy working with Amber. I went into this experience apprehensive and anxious but wanted a positive change in my life and organization in my home. Amber’s professionalism and sweet personality made the process carefree and stress-free.

I recommend her services to anyone. She’s the best of the best. You will not be disappointed and the results will truly bring joy to your life!
— Cortney P., Mesa
I was drowning in clutter. Amber asked questions about what I felt my problem area was. She did not make me feel bad or embarrassed. I was able to follow her lead which was important because I was unable to start myself.

My place has never looked better. I really enjoyed getting to know her. She is a very caring and kind person. She came in as a stranger and it felt like she left as a friend.
— Victoria M., Litchfield Park