Happy Birthday, Little Bungalow!

The sun has set and my heart is full. Today I reveled in the fact my dream has been alive for one year. It was 365 days ago, a few days into my 'Tidying Festival' a la The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, that I "went on a Google" as I say. If I was going to KonMari my home, I had to know as much as I could. There was more than the book, right? I mean, what is the internet for if not to go down giant black holes of hyperlink upon hyperlink.

It didn't take long before I clicked through every page of Marie Kondo's website. What? I can  BECOME A KONMARI CONSULTANT? What is this magic? Seriously? People do this FOR A LIVING? I could tidy another closet, maybe ten, maybe a million? Sign me up!

Then came a bit of a reality check. Oh, to go to this seminar, to see and hear from Mari Kondo herself, I have to KonMari my whole home IN THE NEXT 10 DAYS?!? AND SUBMIT PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE?

There's never been anything more motivating in my life than a deadline. From the time I was little, I would procrastinate then cram everything into the wee hours of the morning. My mom would go to bed saying, "these were your choices." Soooooo not what I wanted to hear, but so, so true. Apparently, I had been preparing to meet a crazy deadline like this my whole life...

I was determined. I was going to make this happen. But first, since I determined right then and there this would be my path in life, I had to take the first step for my didn't-even-exist-yet business...register a website. Thank you, internet gods for saving www.thetidybungalow.com just for me!

I didn't hem or haw about my business name. The Tidy Bungalow was the only thing it could be! Tidy since it's so key to the KonMari Method and Bungalow because, well, I have this love affair with MY bungalow. It was as natural as naming my favorite stuffed animal, Blue Bear, because he was blue and a bear. Welcome to my logical creativity...

There have been so many adventures, and yes, so much to celebrate over the past year. But, for now, I am going to enjoy the last few hours of The Tidy Bungalow's first birthday.

Cheers, Amber

PS. This also happens to be Happy's 18th birthday. She's my first cat and oh my, how I love her.