'Tis the season for...way too many address labels!

‘Tis the season when all of the nonprofit organizations you have ever supported start mailing you end-of-year appeals. This is a fantastic time to give to your favorite charity but sometimes enough is enough.

I reached out to Jarrett, the Nonprofit Nerd (@nonprofit_nerd), at The Rayvan Group to share some wisdom. Here's the inside info since a girl can only use so many address labels a year...

Did you know you can contact the organization and request to customize the number of times they contact you? That's right - you can request they ONLY send you a letter 1-2 times per year or ONLY send you emails.

That's a win-win for the organization AND for you because you won't be tossing away (or recycling) mailings and they won't be spending money on postage.

Contact (call or email) the nonprofits that send you mail and:

1. Request they update their donor database record to ONLY mail you when you want.

Note: SNOWBIRDS - make sure you share with them the months you’re in your AZ home and the months you're in your summer home. That way their database can reflect that change, too.

2. Let them know if you'll be making a donation this year and if you know the dollar amount, feel free to share that with them during the call.

3. Update your email records with them and ask they start emailing you instead of sending mail (to help them save on postage).

Thanks for supporting all the work nonprofits do!

Amber Ehrlich & Jarrett Ransom

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-photo credit: Curmudgeonly Ways