Ten minutes to save your sanity

You cooked. You ate. You enjoyed it all. Now it's time for clean up.

You open the Tupper/Glad/Snap-ware drawer and it's a wreck. All you want to do is get the leftovers in the fridge and chill on the couch.

Save your sanity by taking 10 minutes this weekend to get that space into shape. You'll thank yourself later. I promise.

2 minutes: Take everything - yes everything - out of your drawer or cabinet.

1 minute: Wipe everything down. Everything is out so it's the perfect time to do it.

3 minutes: Match it up. If it doesn't have a top or bottom, into the recycling it goes. If it's stained (thank you, tomatoes!) or warped (ugh, heat dry cycle), it's time to let go.

5 minutes: Play Tetris with all your matching pieces and get them back into your cabinet/drawer.

Viola! A little less stress next time.