You can tidy anything with the proper system and support.

As a Certified KonMari Consultant (one of 220 internationally), I work with people to declutter, organize and create joyful space.

I’ve been asked time and again, “How did you become a KonMari Consultant? How did you find this? Why be an organizer?” The truth is, I did this as an act of self-care. After years of struggling with depression and finding my way to the other side, I knew it was time to get my house back in order. I had neglected myself, and my home, for far too long.

I had read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up a year or two prior and had completed my clothes and books, as many do, but I didn’t go much further. This time around, I wanted to be as prepared as possible, so of course, I Googled. And, in the deep dive down the Google-hole, I discovered Marie Kondo was now training people in her method and through a great deal of work and commitment, I might eventually earn the title of Certified Consultant.

Until my years of depression, I had been pretty tidy. So tidy, in fact, I had received requests to help people organize for years. So, a few months into my “retirement” I found my calling and felt incredibly fortunate have come across a new path. I committed to completing my home, attending the training seminar and month of client work before taking the most intense exam of my life (sorry, college!) to earn my place as a consultant. KonMari has been an incredible gift.

Joy can be found in the random bits collected over the years (see fluffy chicken below). I challenge you to surround yourself only with objects* you absolutely love.

There also happens to be an Airstream in my backyard. I host guests from around the world via Airbnb and it's pretty neat to be a small part of their vacation memories.

Let's work together to declutter, organize and create your joyful space. Keep what you love, fluffy chicken or not.


Amber, Certified KonMari Consultant - bronze level


*And (rescue) cats. Because yes, it is possible to have a tidy and clean house with five little monsters.

“You can tidy anything with the proper system and support.” -Amber


Zoe, my Airstream
for adventures & airbnb guests


Fluffy Chicken
rescued in Steamboat Springs, CO


Bungalow35, my Home
tidy & full of joy